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Burrow Mump is perhaps the most distinctive land-mark to those of us who live in the area, it can be seen at a distance from all sorts of unexpected places and angles.

What makes it stand out even more is the ruin of St Michaelís chapel that adorns the top of the Mump. A building has been there from as early as the 13th Century, the present ruin now being a Memorial to those in the community lost during the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

We at the Baptist Chapel situated in the village of North Curry are a congregation of Christian believers that believe the message of the Bible is a message that everyone needs to hear about, and that is why we are visiting the villages near to North Curry to talk about the Christian message, to invite you to come to our services and to meet ordinary people whose lives have been changed by an extraordinary Saviour, Jesus Christ!

The ruined chapel on Burrow Mump is a vivid picture of the condition of mankind in Godís sight. We are not what God our Creator intended us to be, for we have rebelled against Him and ruined our lives. The Bible calls this Sin and it is something we canít get rid of ourselves.

Our greatest need is to get right with God our Creator who is also holy and just and we can only do that by turning from our sin and placing our faith in Jesus Christ. The great news we have to share with you is that God, in His love, sent His Son Jesus who was crucified to take the punishment that our sin deserves. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead without our sin to forgive all who put their trust in Him.

The ruined chapel on Burrow Mump will never be rebuilt, but the amazing message of the Bible is that God can give us new life through Christ who gives us peace with God, purpose in life and the promise of eternal life. This can only be done through repentance and faith in Jesus.

You will be guaranteed a warm welcome at our Services at North Curry Baptist Church. If you would like to find out more details or discover more about the Christian faith then do please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you!


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